Fountain Riding and Roping Club

           Horses, fun, and family;
the Western way, since 1969



Come and play with us! Build your confidence, and your horse's, too!

Some NEW obstacles every month!

FRRC Club members earn points
toward year end awards.

How much does it cost??

Non-member office fee: 
                     $5.00 per day, per horse.

Practice fee:  $5.00/horse

Competition fee: $10.00/horse   

Exhibition runs: $5.00
                     (after competition)

For Obstacles Rules for 2020, please click here.

Pictures from former FRRC Obstacle events:

Come out and play!  Obstacles are changed up every month.  We have practice first for 30 minutes, then hold a timed competition. Points are awarded toward year-end event awards for FRRC members that qualify according to club rules.