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Fountain Riding and Roping Club

Coming up:

General Membership Meeting
on  July 1st 
at 6:30pm  
in the Lorraine Community Center, 
301 East Iowa Avenue,
Fountain, CO 80817 (rear door)

CLEAN UP DAY will be rescheduled for a later date due to limitations because of Covid-19 health concerns.  Stay tuned.

Memberships go up after the March Meeting to $40 for renewing members. Before March 4th, they are $25 for renewing members and $40 for new members.

Print out an application here or go to our Documents page. Fill it out and bring it with you to a meeting or any FRRC event.

Our event season runs from April through October.

Be sure to get in your 2 meetings
and work 5 events
to qualify for your year-end awards! 
(10 events for a family) 

Looking for last minute notices? Check our Facebook page for the most recent updates.

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  • Some of our young ladies warming up for Gymkhana.
    Some of our young ladies warming up for Gymkhana.
  • Clubhouse Exterior
    Clubhouse Exterior
  • Friday Night Barrel Races
    Friday Night Barrel Races
  • Our club logo, designed in 1969.
    Our club logo, designed in 1969.
  • The FRRC brand
    The FRRC brand
  • Fancy Horse Show Ribbon
    Fancy Horse Show Ribbon
  • Our Flags
    Our Flags
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  • Father's Day Ranch Rodeo
    Father's Day Ranch Rodeo
  • Rainbow over the arena
    Rainbow over the arena
  • "Best Equestrian Group"
2017 Labor Day Parade
Beauty in the Valley
Fountain, CO
    "Best Equestrian Group" 2017 Labor Day Parade Beauty in the Valley Fountain, CO
Some of our young ladies warming up for Gymkhana.
Some of our young ladies warming up for Gymkhana.

From the President of the Fountain Riding and Roping Club June 9th, 2020 To All the Members of the Fountain Riding and Roping Club, I hope this letter finds all safe and healthy during these tough times that our Nation is currently experiencing. I know, as all of you do, that we have had a tough year trying to start our season. I want all of you to know that I have been in weekly contact with the City of Fountain to come to an understanding of what the Fountain Riding and Roping Club means to our members and to the Fountain Community. We have an extended history with the town from our inception of over 50 years of continued support. The directors are well aware of our concerns and are working with their lawyers to clarify the directives from the Governor's office to allow us to start our season. The current guidance from the Governor's office is that no rodeo style events are currently allowed. Fountain Riding and Roping Club falls under this guidance as we hold rodeo style events (Barrel Racing). As I am sure all are aware the the Pikes Peak Rodeo or Bust events have all been reschedule to a date in August, to include the street breakfast. The City of Fountain has to take the guidance from the Governor's office, through El Paso county, to City Hall in Fountain. It just not a simple, OK parks are open and we can start. Other riding clubs have started their season and are held in private arenas. I have spoken with our insurance company on several occasions to inquire in the coverage and cost of holding events on private property. The response is that additional coverage is needed and the cost, due to holding on private property, almost equaled the premium that has already been paid for the 2020 season. This is in part due to the current Colorado law that protects horse owners from liability injury claims while on their property. Your elected Board is conducting meetings, either by phone or in person. These meetings are to start establishing the Social Distancing requirements that will have to be adhered to as well as face mask wearing, no socializing while signing up for events, No Spectators during events-just the families that is present to compete, and not having concessions, but having a Food Truck positioned in the park so individuals in the park and purchase food, not at the arena. If we are allowed to start the season this month; I would expect that the City of Fountain officials would be checking to make sure we are following these guidelines. On June 20th at 6:00 pm (Saturday), we will hold a dedication ceremony for the Knapp Family bench and following this will be the yearly pre season cleanup. We invite all to attend that can while always maintaining the 6' social distancing requirements and face coverings are encouraged but not required. The Club will provide trash bags, but please, if you have rakes and shovels, bring gardening equipment. I do not expect that this will last more the an hour or hour and a half. The Fountain Riding and Roping Club still has a vacant Board member seat. To facilitate the nominating and voting for the position. The current Board is asking for nominations from June 10th, 2020 through June 18th, 2020. Once the list has been comprised and if we have not be able to hold a club meeting, still 10 or less for meetings, we will ask that the members submit their vote by phone call, text, email, and even through the USPO. We will give a week for all votes to be received, tally those votes, and publish the results and the name of the new board member. Regrettably, this vacant seat on the board is due to the individual that was elected in November did not renew or pay their membership dues for the 2020 season. Please know that the updates on Facebook, on the website, on the emails that have been sent out or mailed out have come from myself while working with the board members. This has been a tough year to say the least and I assure you that I, along with the board, want to get this season started. I have been assured that I will have an answer from the City of Fountain, City Hall by Wednesday. Once this occurs, I will direct a post on Facebook, website, emails, and USPO. As me move forward through this year, I would ask that if any member has any questions or concerns to please call/text me at: 719-963-8234 or email me at This will facilitate a quicker response since I do not have a social media account. Thank you for all you do. Stay safe and healthy and I truly hope that I will see all participating at the arena very soon. Respectfully, //Original Signed// Joe Byerly President, FRRC 2020

 "Fountain Riding and Roping Club youth gain self confidence from horseback riding" starring our Royalty of 2018 and 2019.  This YouTube interview is by our own Laura Lollar!

"How has horseback riding improved your life?" Another YouTube interview by Laura Lollar, featuring Anjie and Febi!

Way to go ladies!  Thank you Laura for doing such a nice job!
Our FRRC young ladies hosted "Challenge Christina" of the local CW Channel in July of 2018.
Watch it here! 

Current status of any FRRC event (being canceled due to arena conditions or weather concerns) is always posted on our Facebook page.

If you don't do Facebook and prefer a phone call in case of cancellations, please let us know! :)

Come to the monthly meeting, help out on a committee, volunteer to help at events..."Many hands make light work (and good fun)."

Our objectives (as written in the FRRC By-laws)

1) To develop and promote good fellowship and sportsmanship among people who are interested in equestrian activities.

2) To encourage, promote, and develop the owning, care, use, handling and development of riding horses.

3) To promote and develop good horsemanship, together with the knowledge and interest in the care, training and breeding of good horses.

4) To promote and encourage the sport, pleasure, exercise and recreation of the members.

5) To encourage socializing and friendship among the members.

6) To manage and conduct entertainments, excursions, contests and social meeting for the members.

Consider joining Fountain Riding and Roping Club now so that you can enjoy the entire season of events, earn points toward wonderful year-end awards, and best of all - spend quality time with your family, horses, and new friends! Don't miss out!

Print out an application here, or ask at any event.  Fill it out and
bring it with you to a meeting or any FRRC event.

Full membership meetings are held on the 1st Wednesday of each month, 6:30pm, at the Lorraine Community Center, 301 East Iowa Avenue, Fountain, CO 80817. The entrance to the meeting room is on the back side of the building. 

Lorraine Community Center, 301 East Iowa Avenue, Fountain, CO 80817

Through outreach programs, your registered Paint Horse or Appendix Horse can earn points for your organization's award program!  Contact your specific registry, and have the event chairperson sign your paperwork. 

You don't ride? That's ok, too. Spectators are always welcome!
Please park along the access road to the arena, or along the fence nearest the arena bleachers and our clubhouse.  This is for the safety of your vehicle and your family.
                                               Thank you! 

Check us out on Facebook!  A great way to meet people and find out more about us!

FRRC Arena, Fountain, CO