Workers Lists

This page is to record and honor those club members who make each event happen.

                        THANK YOU!

Without you it wouldn't be possible!

April 14, 2017                Friday Night Jackpot Barrels
Maci Ladehoff
Rachel Soltwedel
Brooke Soltwedel - Set up, ground crew
Tami Sanchez - Set up , office, banners
Donny Shaw - Thursday/Water, Friday/tractor, etc.
Sam Daniels - Set up
Febi Feutz - Gate
Cindy Hostettler-Weston - office
Lucky Ekberg - Announcing
Gerry Barnhart - Office
Dustin Bently - raked arena - "our tractor" with Bently's truck.
John Greene
Logan Johnson - (guest) groundcrew/raking
May 26, 2017                Friday Night Jackpot Barrels
Tami Sanchez
Amy Byerly
Gerry Barnhart - Office
Febi Feutz - Gate
Diane Knapp
Rachel Soltwedel
Trevor Soltwedel - Ground set up, tractor
Donovan Shaw - Grounds
Sam Daniels - Setup
Shania Shaw - Grounds, set up
Brandy Shaw - Concessions
Lucky Ekberg - Announcing
Cindy Hostettler - Office
June 9, 2017                Friday Night Jackpot Barrels
Tami Sanchez - Office
Sam Daniels - Ground
Febi Feutz - Gate
Lucky Ekberg - Announcing
Cindy Hostettler-Weston - Office
Donny Shaw - Ground prep/Thursday, tractor, grounds
Rachel Soltwedel - Thursday/ground prep, office, paperwork, etc
Gerry Barnhart - Office
Trevor Soltwedel - Tractor

June 10, 2017          Speed Points
Donny Shaw - worked ground with the tractor

Tami Sanchez - Ground crew

Rod Sanchez - Set up, gate, take down

Lucky Ekberg - Set up office, and ground crew

Cindy Weston - Office, ground crew

Rachel Soltwedel - Office, ground crew

Jo Soltwedel - Backup timer

Anjie Spratford - Set up, ground crew, take down

Special Mention:

Sparky Eastlake 
Trevor Soltwedel

Vince Eastlake

Febi Feutz

June 23, 2017                Friday Night Jackpot Barrels

Rachel Soltwedel - Thursday Ground prep, Event, Paperwork, etc.

Brooke Soltwedel 

Cindy Hostettler-Weston - Office

Lucky Ekberg - Announcing

Diane Knapp - Banners, office

Tami Sanchez 

Gerry Barnhart - Office

Febi Feutz- Gate

Rod Sanchez - Tear down

Donny Shaw - Tractor and ground

July 8, 2017   Speed Points

Donny Shaw - Worked the ground with the tractor
Amanda Eastlake - Ground crew
Heather Eastlake - Ground crew
Kelly Bishop - Set up
Cheyanne Bishop - Ground crew
Rene Eastlake - Office (results complilation)
Rachel Soltwedel - Set-up and Gate
Lucky Ekberg - Point standings, Ground crew
Cindy Hostettler-Weston - Office and Ground crew
Sparky Eastlake - Ground crew
Tami Sanchez - Ground crew
Netty Eastlake - Office (Announcer)
Diane Knapp - Set up and tear down

July 22, 2017  Speed Points (makeup #1)

Donovan Shaw - groundprep with tractor and gate

Lucky Ekberg - setup and point tabulations

Brittany Hinojos - setup and ground crew

Jesus Hinojos - ground crew

Ashleigh Barnes - ground crew

Netty Eastlake - office (announcer)

Rene Eastlake (results computations)

Rachel Soltwedel - ground crew and gate

Cindy Hostettler-Weston - office and ground crew

Vince Eastlake - ground crew

Sparky Eastlake - ground crew

Amanda Eastlake - ground crew

Heather Eastlake - ground crew

May 14, 2017                                  Gymkhana
Rod Sanchez - Gate/setup
Karen Ager - office/arena
Kainoa Bonite - ribbon count
Sparky Eastlake - honey do's
Tami Sanchez - arena help
Lucky Ekberg - office
Rachel and Ray Soltwedel - flags, bits and pieces
Rene Eastlake - office/arena
Amanda and Heather Eastlake - arena
August 19, 2017                                 Gymkhana
Karen Ager - entries, pick up barrels, etc
Kainoa Bonite - ribbons
Rod Sanchez - gate, set up
Vince Eastlake - arena
Heather Eastlake - arena
Amanda Eastlake - arena
Rene' Eastlake - office, arena
Ron Rush - take down
Debbie Rush - set poles
Joe Byerly - set up, gate
Amy Byerly - paperwork, arena
Tanya Ketchum - arena
Tami Sanchez - gate
Ray Soltwedel - flags

September 16, 2017                                  Gymkhana

Rod Sanchez - gate, banners

Karen Ager - office

Kainoa Bonite - ribbons

Brittany Hinojos - gate

Junior Hinojos - gate

Dwayne Foster - gate

Joe Byerly - gate, set-up for events

Amy Byerly - gate

Josh Kirby - flags

Ron Rush - poles

Rachel Soltwedel - tear down

Lucky Ekberg - office

Vince Eastlake - arena

Sparky Eastlake - arena

Anjie Kirby - arena, poles

June 8, 2017         Inventory of assets

Leni Onkka
Diane Knapp
Lucky Ekberg
Cindy Hostettler-Weston
August 25 , 2017                Friday Night Jackpot Barrels
Donny Shaw - Water, Ground work, Tractor, Event tractor
Rachel Soltwedel - Water, office, set up, paperwrork, all 
Brandy Shaw - set up, Concessions
Gerry Barnhart - Office
Tami Sanchez - Gate
Cindy Hostettler-Weston - office
Lucky Ekberg - Announcing
September 8, 2017              Friday Night Jackpot Barrels
Febi Feutz - Gate
Rachel Soltwedel - Watering, set up, office, pay out, paperwork
Donovan Shaw - Grounds, tractor
Gerry Barnhart - office
Lucky Ekberg - Announcing
Cindy Hostettler-Weston - office
Jesus Hinojos - ground crew, set up
September 9, 2017               Speed Points
Diane Knapp - banners, poles
Cindy Hostettler-Weston - Office, set up, ground crew
Anjie Spratford - set up, ground crew
Lucky Ekberg - watered, ground crew, setup, paperwork
Nettie Eastlake - Announcing
Renee Eastlake - Office
Brittany Hinojos - Gate, set up pop up barrels
Amanda and Heather Eastlake - Arena Timers
Vince Eastlake - Arena Timers
Russell Bench - set up barrels
Donnie Shaw - watered, worked ground with tractor

September 22, 2017           Friday Night Jackpot Barrels 

Rachel Soltwedel - Office, set up, watered, paperwork

Sam Daniels - Banner set up, Office set up

Sparky Eastlake - Timers, Tractor driver

Lucky Ekberg - Announcing

Gerri Barnhart - Backup timer, office
Donny Shaw - Ground prep, watering

Febi Feutz - Gate

Cindy Hostettler-Weston - Office
Tami Sanchez - Banners 
Rod Sanchez - Ground crew

Diane Knapp - Office 

September 23, 2017          Speed Points Makeup Day
Lucky Ekberg - Ground crew, office set up, watering

Rachel Soltwedel - Ground crew

Cindy Hostettler-Weston - Office, Ground crew

Diane Knapp - Office, backup timer, general help

Netty Eastlake - Announcer

Rod Sanchez - Ground crew, gate

Tami Sanchez - Ground crew

Rene' Eastlake - Ground crew

Wyatt Buckley - Gate, ground crew

Brittany Hinojos - Gate

Junior Hinojos - Gate, ground crew

Russel Bench - Gate

May 7, 2017                                         Obstacles

Maya Bond

Sam Daniels

Steve Pinter

June 4, 2017                                         Obstacles
Donny Shaw
Brandy Shaw
Sam Daniels

April 14, 2017                                  Concessions

Brooke Soltwedel - taking orders

Shania Shaw - taking orders/food prep

Maci Ladehoff - food prep

Logan Johnson - food prep

Alex Bond - food prep

Donovan Shaw - food prep

April 15, 2017                                  Concessions

Bridgette Fuson - taking orders/food prep

Faith Fuson - taking orders/food prep

Alex Bond - Food Prep

Donavan Shaw - Food Prep

April 15, 2017                              Gymkhana
Lucky Ekberg - office
Karen Ager - ribbons and trophies
Rod Sanchez - set-up and gate
Josh Kirby - ground
Vince Eastlake - arena
Sparky Estlake - arena
Morgan Byerly - flags in LL
Rene Eastlake - announce

June 17, 2017                                  Gymkhana 

Tami Sanchez and Isa - arena

Kainoa Bonite - ribbons

Karen Ager - office, lead line ribbons

Amy Byerly - gate

Joe Byerly - gate, etc.

Rachel Soltwedel - arena/etc.

Amanda Eastlake - arena

Heather Eastlake - arena

Vince Eastlake - arena

Sparky Eastlake - arena

Netty Eastlake - office

Josh Kirby - poles, flags

Todd Ketchum - poles, barrels

Rene Eastlake - office, arena

October 14, 2017                        Speed Points
Junior Hinojos - gate

Brittany Hinojos - gate, lead line barrels

Rachel Soltwedel - banners, poles, arena

Lucky Ekberg- set-up office, arena

Tami Sanchez - timers, arena

Anjie Spratford - set-up, arena

Amanda Eastlake - set-up, arena

Heather Eastlake- set-up, arena
Diane Knapp - office

Netty Eastlake - announcing

Rene Eastlake - arena

Vince Eastlake - arena