Workers Lists

This page is to record those club members who make each event happen.

                        THANK YOU!

Without you it wouldn't be possible!

June 10, 2017          Speed Points

Donny Shaw - worked ground with the tractor

Tami Sanchez - Ground crew

Rod Sanchez - Set up, gate, take down

Lucky Ekberg - Set up office, and ground crew

Cindy Weston - Office, ground crew

Rachel Soltwedel - Office, ground crew

Jo Soltwedel - Backup timer

Anjie Spratford - Set up, ground crew, take down

Special Mention:

Sparky Eastlake 
Trevor Soltwedel

Vince Eastlake

Febi Feutz

July 8 2017   Speed Points

Donny Shaw - Worked the ground with the tractor
Amanda Eastlake - Ground crew
Heather Eastlake - Ground crew
Kelly Bishop - Set up
Cheyanne Bishop - Ground crew
Rene Eastlake - Office (results complilation)
Rachel Soltwedel - Set-up and Gate
Lucky Ekberg - Point standings, Ground crew
Cindy Hostettler-Weston - Office and Ground crew
Sparky Eastlake - Ground crew
Tami Sanchez - Ground crew
Netty Eastlake - Office (Announcer)
Diane Knapp - Set up and tear down

July 22, 2017  Speed Points (makeup #1)

Donovan Shaw - groundprep with tractor and gate

Lucky Ekberg - setup and point tabulations

Brittany Hinojos - setup and ground crew

Jesus Hinojos - ground crew

Ashleigh Barnes - ground crew

Netty Eastlake - office (announcer)

Rene Eastlake (results computations)

Rachel Soltwedel - ground crew and gate

Cindy Hostettler-Weston - office and ground crew

Vince Eastlake - ground crew

Sparky Eastlake - ground crew

Amanda Eastlake - ground crew

Heather Eastlake - ground crew

June 8, 2017         Inventory of assets

Leni Onkka
Diane Knapp
Lucky Ekberg
Cindy Hostettler-Weston