About FRRC

Fountain Riding and Roping Club was founded in 1969, by a group of riding enthusiasts from the Fountain, CO area. We are dedicated to promoting horseback riding and the western way of life. Riding is both a great sport and a fun family activity. All breeds and disciplines are welcome. FRRC is based in Metcalfe Park, located on East Ohio Street in Fountain, Colorado.  Our club colors are red, white and blue.
Come join us! We will have the concession stand open at almost every event with full great tasting meals for less than you'd spend at a drive through!  Plenty of bleacher seating is available, so bring your family and friends to watch the fun!

Club Meetings

Our club meets at 7pm on the first Wednesday of every month. These general membership meetings are always open to the public and are held  at the Lorraine Education and Community Center, 103 E. Iowa St., Fountain, CO 80817.  Please join us!

Check us out on Facebook!  A great way to meet people and find out more about us! Click here to visit our Facebook page.

Please check our documents page for more information on how events are conducted, and any rules that will apply. If you have questions, give us a call!

2017 Club Officers

President:  Lucky Ekberg

Vice President: Russell Bench

Secretary:  Diane Knapp 

Treasurer: Jo Soltwedel

2017 Board Of Directors:  Lucky Ekberg, Russel Bench, Diane Knapp,                                           Jo Soltwedel, Leni Onkka, Sparky Eastlake,                                           David Barnhart

2017 Committees:

Advertizing/Publicity:  Brandy Shaw

Audit:  Joe Byerly

Awards: Brandy Shaw, Diane Knapp, Tami Sanchez, Angie Lewis,
                 Amy Byerly, Rachel Soltwedel, Sam Daniels, Jackie Moore

Banquet: Brandy Shaw, Cindy Weston, Rachel Soltwedel

Concessions: Brandy Shaw, Shania Shaw, Brooke Soltwedel

Contracts: Joe Byerly

Gymkhana: Nettie Eastlake, Rod Sanchez, Tami Sanchez, Sparky                           Eastlake, Bonnie Aitchison, Amy Byerly, Karen Ager,                             Ardith Bruce

Grievance: Russell Bench, Stan Dustrude, Sheryl Dustrude, Leni Onkka

Historian: Diane Knapp, Brandy Shaw

Insurance: Joe Byerly, Russell Bench, Netty Eastlake

Jackpot Barrels:  Rachel Soltwedel, Brooke Soltwedel, Cindy Weston,                        Rod Sanchez, Tami Sanchez, Shania Shaw, Febi Feutz,                        Sparky Eastlake, Ardith Bruce

Junior Shennanigans: Brooke Soltwedel, Naomie Bench, Courtney                                Dustrude, Shania Shaw
                     Advisors: Sheryl Dustrude,Sam Daniels, Tami Sanchez,
                     Rachel Soltwedel                                          

Maintenance: Alex Bond, Martin Anderson, Rod Sanchez, Steve Pinter,
                     Sparky Eastlake

Nominating:  Brandy Shaw

Obstacle Course: Sam Daniels, Brooke Soltwedel, Shania Shaw, Steve                         Pinter, Brandy Shaw, Delilah Bond, Ardith Bruce

Parades: Rachel Soltwedel, Sam Daniels, Brandy Shaw, Tami Sanchez,
                      Shania Shaw

Royalty: Rachel Soltwedel, Sam Daniels, Brandy Shaw, Shania Shaw,                           Brooke Soltwedel                        

Rules and Regulations: Russell Bench, Karen Ager, Jo Soltwedel, Dianne                        Knapp, David Barnhart, Brandy Shaw, Rod Sanchez,                              Netty Eastlake,Sheryl Dustrude, Sam Daniels
Speed Points:  Cindy Weston, Rod Sanchez, Tami Sanchez,
                       Sheryl Dustrude, Courtney Dustrude, Bonnie Leasure,                            Amy Byerly
Team Sorting: open

Telephone: Tami Sanchez, Ardith Bruce

Trail Rides: Brandy Shaw, Brooke Soltwedel, Shania Shaw

Website: Brandy Shaw, Cindy Weston